Would you believe that half of all houses that come on the market fail to sell? There are three top reasons that any home might fail to sell in any market, not just here in the Weatherford area.

  1. Price: It’s a lot like pricing clothing in a retail store. If it doesn’t sell at first, it goes to the sale rack because it’s been rejected by the market due to price or style. You need to price your property correctly to begin with or it might go to the sale rack—or not sell at all.
  2. Condition: Price may get buyers in the door, but poor condition can send them right back out. When preparing your house for sale, remember that buyers might have a problem with the three Cs: color, clutter, and cleanliness. You need to keep it clean while it’s on the market.
  3. Marketing: This is the last item on this list, which is ironic because most sellers expect this first from their real estate agent. However, it’s oftentimes one of the last things they receive if they receive it at all. Marketing tells a story of the property, and it needs to get out to the buyer. If a buyer doesn’t know the price or condition, it really doesn’t matter.

“Home prices are a lot like clothing prices at a retail store.”

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