Where are the best places to spend money on improvements in your home in order to get the highest return? Here are a few of the best and most inexpensive fixes you can make:

1. Update your paint and carpet with neutral colors
2. Get rid of wallpaper
3. Update your light fixtures
4. Add a deck or patio (or refinish the one you already have)

These are great improvements that add value to your home whether you’re ready to sell now, in six months, or in a year. By making these upgrades now, you can enjoy the benefits of them while you’re still in the home. If you make the repairs right before you move, you won’t be able to enjoy them as much.Getting repairs done now before you sell also allows you to focus on other important things when the time comes to list your home on the market.

“Getting repairs done now allows you to focus on more important things later.”

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